From our family to yours...

About Us

Maitri was built by our family for your family. We have been managing properties for over 8 years now, but we were unable to capture the experience we wanted our customers to feel. So we built Maitri, where the feeling of beauty, calmness, and love is incorporated into every aspect of the property.

Our Travels

We have travelled with our kids since they were 4 months old. One rule we made when I was pregnant with them, is that we wouldn’t change our life and lifestyle to cater to the kids. They would have to just fit into our lifestyle that we love and have grown accustomed to. Since I was pregnant and we have made that pact, 6 years later and we still stand by it.

We travelled with kids and all to St.Lucia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Bali, Hong Kong, Phillipiness; they had more stamps in their passport before the age of 2, than I had by age of 30.

The Travel of the Future


Art & Design